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Object Constructors and Methods

Name Description
Date() Creates a date object. By default creates a date object including the current date.
UUID() Converts a 32-byte hexadecimal string to the UUID BSON subtype.
ObjectId() Returns an ObjectId.
ObjectId.getTimestamp() Returns the timestamp portion of an ObjectId.
ObjectId.toString() Displays the string representation of an ObjectId.
ObjectId.valueOf() Displays the str attribute of an ObjectId as a hexadecimal string.
WriteResult() Wrapper around the result set from write methods.
WriteResult.hasWriteError() Returns a boolean specifying whether the results include WriteResult.writeError.
WriteResult.hasWriteConcernError() Returns a boolean specifying whether whether the results include WriteResult.writeConcernError.
BulkWriteResult() Wrapper around the result set from Bulk.execute().