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Sharded Cluster Data Management

The following documents provide information in managing data in sharded clusters.

Create Chunks in a Sharded Cluster
Create chunks, or pre-split empty collection to ensure an even distribution of chunks during data ingestion.
Split Chunks in a Sharded Cluster
Manually create chunks in a sharded collection.
Migrate Chunks in a Sharded Cluster
Manually migrate chunks without using the automatic balance process.
Merge Chunks in a Sharded Cluster
Use the mergeChunks to manually combine chunk ranges.
Modify Chunk Size in a Sharded Cluster
Modify the default chunk size in a sharded collection
Clear jumbo Flag
Clear jumbo flag from a shard.
Manage Shard Tags
Use tags to associate specific ranges of shard key values with specific shards.
Enforce Unique Keys for Sharded Collections
Ensure that a field is always unique in all collections in a sharded cluster.
Shard GridFS Data Store
Choose whether to shard GridFS data in a sharded collection.