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New in version 2.6.

Adds an insert operation to a bulk operations list.

Bulk.insert() accepts the following parameter:

Parameter Type Description
doc document Document to insert. The size of the document must be less than or equal to the maximum BSON document size.


The following initializes a Bulk() operations builder for the items collection and adds a series of insert operations to add multiple documents:

var bulk = db.items.initializeUnorderedBulkOp();
bulk.insert( { item: "abc123", defaultQty: 100, status: "A", points: 100 } );
bulk.insert( { item: "ijk123", defaultQty: 200, status: "A", points: 200 } );
bulk.insert( { item: "mop123", defaultQty: 0, status: "P", points: 0 } );