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Geospatial Index Tutorials

Instructions for creating and querying 2d, 2dsphere, and haystack indexes.

Create a 2dsphere Index
A 2dsphere index supports data stored as both GeoJSON objects and as legacy coordinate pairs.
Query a 2dsphere Index
Search for locations within, near, or intersected by a GeoJSON shape, or within a circle as defined by coordinate points on a sphere.
Create a 2d Index
Create a 2d index to support queries on data stored as legacy coordinate pairs.
Query a 2d Index
Search for locations using legacy coordinate pairs.
Create a Haystack Index
A haystack index is optimized to return results over small areas. For queries that use spherical geometry, a 2dsphere index is a better option.
Query a Haystack Index
Search based on location and non-location data within a small area.
Calculate Distance Using Spherical Geometry
Convert distances to radians and back again.