Blog App Overview

In this tutorial, we’ll create a blog and commenting system backed by Stitch. We’ll use Stitch to add and query for comments directly from the client code using the Stitch JavaScript SDK and the MongoDB Service.

Blog App Architecture

The following image shows the application architecture:


This Blog app architecture is very simple; you will hard-code a single blog post and then able users to comment on that post. The app uses the blog.comments collection to store the comments:

  owner_id: ObjectId("5be1158f4ffdc28344840ae4"),
  comment: "Wow. So insightful!"


The following Guides will walk you through the process of building the Stitch backend app and the client apps.

Guide Description
Build the Blog Backend Build a Stitch backend application that integrates Atlas and Anonymous Authentication for the blog.
Build a Web-based To-do Client Build a web-based (JavaScript) to-do client.