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Sends an Slack message to a specified channel under the specified username.

The post action stage has the following syntax:

{ "service": <slack-servicename>, "action": "post", "args": { "channel": <string>, "username": <string>, "text": <string>, "iconUrl": <string>, "iconEmoji": <string>, "attachments": <array-of-strings> } }

The post action takes the following arguments:

Argument Type Description
channel string Name of the Slack channel to which the message is sent.
username string The username the message posts under.
text string The message body.
iconUrl string URL pointing to an icon of the user.
iconEmoji string String representation of an emoji.
attachments array List of attachments for the message.


The following is a pipeline consisting of a post stage:

    "service": "my-slack-service",
    "action": "post",
    "args": {
    "channel": "general",
    "username": "fred",
    "text": "slack message test"