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Decodes base64 or hexadecimal encoded data and outputs as binary data stream.

You can only use the binary action in the first stage of a pipeline.

The binary action stage has the following syntax:

{"service": "", "action": "binary", args: {"encoding": <"hex"|"base64">, data: <encoded string>} }

The binary action has the following arguments:

Argument Type Description
encoding string

Encoding format of data argument. Specify either:

  • "hex"
  • "base64"
data string Encoded data string to decode and pass on as binary data.


Consider the following pipeline of two stages:

  {"service": "", "action": "binary", "args": {"encoding": "base64", "data": "VGhlIGNvdyBpcyBicm93bi4="}},
  {"service": "", "action": "reader", "args": {}}

Stage1: The binary stage outputs a decoded output stream of binary data.

Stage2: The reader stage reads the input stream and outputs the following string:

"The cow is brown."
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