MongoDB Stitch applications aren’t limited to living in the Stitch UI. With the Stitch Import/Export API, you can develop Stitch applications locally and import them into Stitch, export existing applications to a local directory, and easily share components between Stitch apps.

Get started with Stitch import/export by referencing the following procedures:

Command Line Interface

The stitch-cli command line interface is the core of working programmatically with Stitch. The CLI provides functions for authenticating MongoDB Atlas users, importing local application directories, and exporting applications from Stitch servers.

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The Application Directory

Each Stitch application is represented as a structured directory that contains configuration information for the application itself as well as any entities within the application. Entities are categorized and grouped into sub-directories by type (e.g. service, function, value, etc).

When you export an application, it is saved to a local application directory. Similarly, local application directories are the source for all application imports.