Facebook Authentication

A. Create OAuth Client ID Credentials

Follow the directions in Facebook - Register and Configure an App to create OAuth client ID credentials.

  • Once created, go to the Product Setup view for your application. Click Get Started for Facebook Login. The screen should display the Quickstart instructions. To incorporate into your application, follow the Quickstart instructions for your platform.

  • When finished, in the Facebook Login > Settings, add the following entry in Valid OAuth redirect URIs:

B. Enable and Configure Facebook Authentication in MongoDB Stitch

Once you have the App ID and App Secret, in the MongoDB Stitch console:


You can find the App ID and App Secret in the main Settings section for your application (i.e. not the Settings under Facebook Login).

  1. Click Authentication. The page displays the Authentication Providers.
  2. For Facebook, click the Edit button.
  3. In the Edit Provider dialog,
    1. Switch the Facebook to enabled.
    2. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret.
    3. For web applications, enter the Redirect URIs.
    4. Click Save.