MongoDB Stitch

MongoDB Stitch is a backend as a service that provides an HTTP API to MongoDB, integration with other services, and a declarative rules infrastructure which spans database and service actions. MongoDB Stitch can:

➤ Add a Feature to an Existing Application

For existing applications, MongoDB Stitch can facilitate the addition of new features. For example, you can use MongoDB Stitch to:

  • Add commenting to a blog (See Building A Blog App).
  • Add reviews to an e-commerce site
  • Provide richer user profiles by allowing users to upload photos.
➤ Control How You Expose Data to Users or Anonymous Users

For existing Atlas clusters, you can easily and safely expose data to new users or application. For example, you can:

  • Give users an easy way to read their own data (See ToDo Web App).
  • Easily build admin pages exposing anonymous stats to admin users.
  • Display a leaderboard.
➤ Integrate with Services

If you are not ready to adopt the full functionality of MongoDB Stitch, you can just use MongoDB Stitch to make integrating with services easier. For example:

➤ Be the Full Backend for Your Application
Use MongoDB Stitch to be the full backend for your application.