Release Notes

    Released on August 17, 2020

    • Support for Spark 3.0.0.
    • Updated mongodb-driver-sync version to 4.0.4
    • Updated dependency to mongodb-driver-sync

    Released on June 10, 2020

    • Updated MongoDB Java Driver to 3.12.5.
    • Don't use Java SPI for the data source internally.
    • Fix BsonOrdering bug for strings of different lengths.

    Released on June 6, 2019

    • Ensures nullable fields or container types accept null values.
    • Added ReadConfig.batchSize property. For more information, see Input Configuration.
    • Renamed system property spark.mongodb.keep_alive_ms to mongodb.keep_alive_ms.
    • Added MongoDriverInformation to the default MongoClient.
    • Updated to latest Java driver (3.10.+)
    • Updated PartitionerHelper.matchQuery to no longer include $ne/$exists checks.
    • Added logging support for partitioners and their queries.
    • Added WriteConfig.extendedBsonTypes setting so users can disable extended BSON types when writing. For more information, see Output Configuration.
    • Added Java spi can now use short form:"mongo").
    •"mongo") can be used in place of"com.mongodb.spark.sql") and"com.mongodb.spark.sql.DefaultSource").

    Released on December 7, 2018

    • Support Spark 2.4.0. Updated Spark dependency to 2.4.0.
    • Ensure WriteConfig.ordered is applied to write operations.
    • Updated Mongo Java Driver to 3.9.0.
    • Added Scala 2.12 support.
    • Fixed MongoSpark.toDF() to use the provided MongoConnector.
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