Define Environment Values

You can define environment values directly in the Realm UI or by importing environment configuration files with Realm CLI or GitHub.

You can access defined environment values through function context and in rule expressions.


In the Realm UI, click Values in the left navigation menu and then click Create New Value. Enter a name for the value and select Environment for the value type.


Define a value for each environment that you want to access the value from. You can define a different value for each environment and may leave a value undefined in any environment.

Environment value inputs in the Realm UI

Your app always runs in a specific environment, which affects the value of all environment values. You can specify the current environment for your app on the Deploy > Environment screen.

The environment selector in the Realm UI

Once you've defined the environment value, click Save to update the configuration. If your application has deployment drafts enabled, click Review & Deploy to deploy the changes.

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