Define a Value

You can define a new Realm Value from the Realm UI or by importing an application directory that contains one or more Value configuration files. Select the tab below that corresponds to the method that you want to use.


You can define a new Value for your application in the Realm UI. To navigate to the Value configuration screen, click Values & Secrets in the left navigation menu. Ensure that the Values tab is selected and then click Create New Value.


Enter a unique Value Name. This name is how you refer to the value in functions and rules.

The value name input in the UI
Value Name Restrictions

Value names must not exceed 64 characters and may only contain ASCII letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. The first character must be a letter or number.


Specify the Value Type. You can define two different types of Value: plain text and secret.

A plain text value is a string, array, or object that you define manually using standard JSON syntax.

To define a plain text value, select the Plain Text radio button and then enter the value in the input box.

The plain text value input in the UI

After you have named and defined the new Value, click Save. Once saved, you can immediately access the Value in Functions and rules.

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