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Delete or Prevent Users From Accessing a Realm Application

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  • Delete a User
  • Disable a User
  • Enable a User
  • Revoke a User's Sessions

You can completely remove a user from your application, including any metadata and authentication provider identities.


If you don't want to delete the user's account, you can disable their account to temporarily suspend their access.


Realm does not automatically delete any data in your linked MongoDB Atlas cluster that you have associated with a deleted user, such as by including their ID in an owner_id field. To remove all traces of a deleted user, you must manually delete or modify any such documents.

You can temporarily disable a user, which prevents the user from logging in and invalidates any of the user's existing access and refresh tokens. You can enable a disabled user to let them log in again.

You can enable a disabled user to let them log in again.

You can revoke all of a user's current sessions. This invalidates the sessions and prevents the user from making any requests on any device until they log in again.

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