Realm Application Security

Every MongoDB Realm application is associated with a specific MongoDB Atlas organization and project. Realm determines the developer access permissions for a given MongoDB Cloud user based on their assigned project roles in the project that contains an app.

The following table describes the access permissions associated with a given project role:

Project Role
Access Permissions
Project Owner
Full read-write access for all Realm apps associated with the project.
Project Read Only
Read-only access for all Realm apps associated with the project.

For more information about adding users and teams to Atlas, see Atlas Users and Teams.

MongoDB Realm uses TLS 1.2 to secure all network requests to and from your application, including apps that connect from a Realm SDK as well as queries and operations on a linked MongoDB Atlas data source. The TLS certificate is pre-defined and cannot be customized.

MongoDB Realm only sends requests from the following IP addresses. You can copy this list to an allowlist on your firewall:

You can find this information in computer-friendly formats at these URLs:

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