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New in version 10.8.0: AnyRealmValue type


This feature is currently in beta. We encourage you to try out the feature and give feedback, but please be aware that:

  • The API may change.
  • New data types are not backwards compatible.

To add new data types via development mode, you must update the client SDK. Realm Sync client applications using older protocol versions will no longer be able to connect.

AnyRealmValue is a Realm property type that can hold different data types. Supported AnyRealmValue data types include:

  • Int
  • Float
  • Double
  • Decimal128
  • ObjectID
  • UUID
  • Bool
  • Date
  • Data
  • String
  • Object

This mixed data type is indexable, but you can't use it as a primary key. Because null is a permitted value, you can't declare an AnyRealmValue as optional.

// Create a Dog object and then set its properties
// In this case, the dog's age is an int
let myDog = Dog() = "Rex"
myDog.age = .int(5)
// This dog has no companion.
// You can set the field's type to "none", which represents `nil`
myDog.companion = .none
// Create another Dog object whose age is a float
let myOtherDog = Dog() = "Spot"
myOtherDog.age = .float(2.5)
// This dog's companion is a cat named Fluffy, represented by a string here
myOtherDog.companion = .string("Fluffy the Cat")
// Create a third Dog object whose age is a string
let myThirdDog = Dog() = "Fido"
myThirdDog.age = .string("3 months")
// This dog's companion is a Person, which is an object that has a
// string name, an optional string address, and an int age
myThirdDog.companion = .object(Person(value: ["name": "Sylvia", "age": 12]))
// Get the default realm. You only need to do this once per thread.
let realm = try! Realm()
// Add to the realm inside a transaction
try! realm.write {
// Verify the type of the ``AnyRealmProperty`` when attempting to get it. This
// returns an object whose property contains the matched type.
if case let .int(age) = myDog.age {
print(age) // Prints 5
// In this example, "myOtherDog"'s age is a float type, so checking the type
// before trying to use it avoids an exception
if case let .int(age) = myOtherDog.age {
print(age) // Doesn't print anything
// Retreiving an object stored as an ``AnyRealmProperty`` gives you
// the complete object, containing all of the object's properties
if case let .object(companion) = myThirdDog.companion {
// Prints all the details of the Person object:
// {name = Sylvia; address = null; age = 12;}

You can compare these mixed value types:

  • Numeric: int, bool, float, double, decimal
  • Byte-based: string, binary
  • Time-based: timestamp, objectId

When using the AnyRealmValue mixed data type, keep these things in mind:

  • equals queries match on value and type
  • not equals queries match objects with either different values or different types
  • realm converts comparable numeric properties where possible. For example, in a mixed type field, 1 matches all of 1.0, 1, and true.
  • String properties do not match numeric queries. For example, in a mixed type field, 1 does not match "1". "1" does not match 1, 1.0, or true.
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