Flutter SDK (Preview)

New in version 0.1.0+preview.

The MongoDB Realm Flutter SDK enables client applications written in Dart for the Flutter platform to access data stored in local realms.

Preview Release

This SDK is currently offered as a preview release. We encourage you to try out the feature and give feedback, but do not use this in production.

The preview version of the SDK supports the following realm features:

  • creating Realm objects
  • retrieving Realm objects
  • updating Realm objects
  • querying, sorting, and filtering Realm objects
  • implementing change notifications

Because this is a preview version of the SDK, functionality is limited and there are specific configuration considerations:

  • The preview version of the SDK requires a custom engine based on Flutter 2.0. For more information, and a diff of the changes, see the runtime diff readme page.
  • You cannot use the realm_dart preview package with the Dart SDK 2.12 shipped with Flutter 2.0. Flutter downloads a custom version of the Dart SDK, and this custom version has known problems loading native binaries. Instead, use an official Dart SDK 2.12 installation and ensure it is in your PATH.
  • The preview version of the SDK enables working with a local-only (on device) Realm database; Realm Sync functionality is not yet implemented.
  • Flutter Hot Reload is available when running on the Android x86 Emulator and iOS Simulator.
  • Running on a physical Android device always includes the libraries in release mode.
  • New projects for iOS can not be created with flutter create. As a workaround, use the Realm Flutter and Dart Samples and modify the sample project provider_shopper.
No Sync Support

The preview SDK does not support Realm Sync.

The Getting Started section of the Realm SDK package provides:

  • The steps necessary to import Realm into a Flutter project
  • Code snippets for writing to and reading from the realm.
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