Field Types - Android SDK

Realm Database supports the following field data types:

  • Boolean or boolean
  • Integer or int
  • Short or short
  • Long or long
  • Byte or byte[]
  • Double or double
  • Float or float
  • String
  • Date
  • Decimal128 from org.bson.types
  • ObjectId from org.bson.types
  • Any RealmObject subclass
  • RealmList

The Byte, Short, Integer, and Long types and their lowercase primitive alternatives are all stored as Long values within Realm Database. Similarly, Realm Database stores objects of the Float and float types as type Double.

Realm does not support fields with modifiers final and volatile, though you can use fields with those modifiers if you ignore them. If you choose to provide custom constructors, you must declare a public constructor with no arguments.

Since Realm Database operates on fields as a whole, it's not possible to directly update individual elements of strings or byte arrays. Instead, you'll need to read the whole field, make your modification to individual elements, and then write the entire field back again in a transaction block.

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