Realm SDKs

The MongoDB Realm SDKs are client libraries that allow you to connect to local and synced Realm databases, authenticate users, and interact with serverless MongoDB Realm applications. The SDKs include Realm Database, an alternative to SQLite and Core Data, so you can get started with just the SDK -- no additional dependencies required.

Realm has native, idiomatic SDKs for most common application ecosystems and programming languages. Find yours below to start building your Realm app:

Android SDK
Node.js SDK
React Native SDK

The local-first Realm Database offers native, idiomatic SDKs for CRUD operations. Explore common examples for your preferred language or platform:

Developers using Realm Sync can leverage native SDKs to manage users. Find out more about how to implement common user patterns with your SDK:

After you've mastered the basics of CRUD and user management, learn more about the application lifecycle with Realm Database:

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