Upgrade a Shared Tier Cluster

MongoDB Realm allows you to upgrade your shared tier cluster (M0, M2, and M5) to a dedicated cluster. Upgrade your cluster before releasing a Realm Sync application by completing the following steps.


Using a shared tier cluster on a production application is not recommended. To avoid data loss, upgrade to a dedicated tier cluster before releasing your application.


Before upgrading your cluster, end any client application's Sync Connection. To do this, shut down all emulators, simulators, and terminals that are running your realm application.


To terminate Realm Sync, follow the instructions for Terminating Realm Sync.


Click the Upgrade green button under the This is a Shared Tier Cluster heading of the Atlas tab.

Configure your upgraded cluster settings in the following screen and then click Review Changes. To learn more about the pricing of the various Atlas cluster tiers, see the billing page.

Review your upgraded cluster changes, and click the green Apply Changes button.

A blue header will appear, indicating the progress of the cluster migration operation.

Finally, reenable Realm Sync to resume your application development, testing, and roll-out.

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