Terminating & Re-enabling Realm Sync

If you have enabled Realm Sync, you may have to terminate and re-enable Realm Sync for one of the following reasons:

  • An upgrade from a Shared Tier Atlas Cluster to a Shared or Dedicated instance
  • A move to an Atlas cluster that is distributed across regions/cloud providers
  • An upgrade to NVMe Atlas clusters
  • An oplog rollover
  • A paused Realm Sync session on a shared tier cluster due to infrequent usage
  • Troubleshooting, at the request of MongoDB Support

Terminate Realm Sync in your Realm app to stop syncing data across devices.

Recovering Unsynchronized Changes after Terminating Sync

Terminating and re-enabling Realm Sync prevents unsynchronized client changes from automatically syncing. To recover any unsynchronized changes, implement a manual client reset that handles this case in your client applications:

Learn how to perform a Client Reset using the iOS SDK.

  1. In the Sync tab of the MongoDB Realm UI, click the red Terminate Sync button.
the terminate sync button

2. In the modal that pops up, check that you want to terminate sync by clicking the I want to terminate Sync checkbox and then click the Terminate Sync button on the modal.

the terminate sync model

3. Click the Review & Deploy button in the blue notification bar telling you that changes have been made to your MongoDB Realm app.

"Review & Deploy" notification

4. In the model that appears, review your changes and then click the green Deploy button.

Review Changes Model

You have now terminated Realm Sync and should get a green notification bar on the top of the Sync page that states that your deployment was successful.

Review Changes Model

To re-enable Realm Sync, follow the steps in the Get Started with Sync guide.

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