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To connect to MongoDB Realm over the wire protocol, you must construct a MongoDB connection string that includes credentials for an application user and an application-specific appName query parameter.

URL Encoding

You must URL encode connection strings before you can use them to connect to MongoDB Realm. Connection strings in the Realm UI are properly encoded by default.

MongoDB Realm connection strings have the following form:


All MongoDB Realm operations that you issue over the wire protocol run in the context of a specific application user that you specify in the connection string. The user must be registered with the Email/Password, API Key, or Custom JWT authentication provider.

The contents of connection string credentials depend on the authentication provider with which the user registered:

MongoDB Realm requires specific connection string options that identify the application you want to connect to and the authentication provider associated with the credentials that you provide.

MongoDB Realm connection strings have the following query parameters:

This parameter should always be set to PLAIN.
This parameter should always be set to $external.

Uniquely identifies the application, MongoDB service, and authentication provider to which you want to connect.

The appName parameter has the following form:

<app id>:<service>:<provider>
<app id>
The App ID of the Realm app.
The name of the MongoDB Service that you want to connect to. This value will always be mongodb-atlas.

The authentication provider for which you provided credentials.

Valid values:

  • local-userpass
  • api-key
  • custom-token
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