Bulk Write

The code snippets on this page demonstrate how to perform a bulk write operation with the collection.bulkWrite() function.


Data Lake data sources do not support write operations.

To use a code snippet in a function, you must first instantiate a MongoDB collection handle:

exports = function() {
const mongodb ="mongodb-atlas");
const itemsCollection = mongodb.db("store").collection("items");
const purchasesCollection = mongodb.db("store").collection("purchases");
// ... paste snippet here ...

The following example inserts two documents into the store.purchases collection:

exports = async function(arg){
const doc1 = { "name": "velvet elvis", "quantity": 20, "reviews": [] };
const doc2 = { "name": "mock turtleneck", "quantity": 30, "reviews": [] };
var collection ="mongodb-atlas")
return await collection.bulkWrite(
[{ insertOne: doc1}, { insertOne: doc2}],
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