Update one or more documents in a collection based on a query filter.



To call the collection.updateMany() action from a Function, get a collection handle with database.collection() then call the handle’s updateMany() method.

const query = {};
const update = { "$mul": { "quantity": 10 } };
const options = { "upsert": false }

return itemsCollection.updateMany(query, update, options)
  .then(result => {
    const { matchedCount, modifiedCount } = result;
    console.log(`Successfully matched ${matchedCount} and modified ${modifiedCount} items.`)
    return result
  .catch(err => console.error(`Failed to update items: ${err}`))


The collection.updateMany() action has the following form:

collection("myColl").updateMany(filter, update, options)
Parameter Description

Query Filter

filter: <document>

Required. A standard MongoDB query document that specifies which documents to update. You can use most query selectors except for evaluation, geospatial, or bitwise selectors.

Specify an empty query filter ({}) to update all documents in the collection.

Update Operation

update: <document>
Required. A standard MongoDB update document that specifies the update operation to perform on all documents that match the query. You can use most update operators.

Update Options

options: <document>

A document that specifies configuration options for the query. The options document has the following form:

   "upsert": <boolean>


options.upsert: <boolean>
Optional. Default: false. A boolean that, if true, indicates that MongoDB should insert a new document that matches the query filter when the query does not match any existing documents in the collection.

Return Value

The collection.updateMany() action returns a Promise that resolves to a document that describes the update operation.

Promise<result: document>
Value Description

Matched Count

result.matchedCount: <integer>
The number of documents in the collection that match the provided query filter.

Modified Count

result.modifiedCount: <integer>
The number of documents in the collection that were modified by the update operation.

Upserted ID

result.upsertedId: <ObjectID>
The _id value of the document inserted by an upsert operation. This value is only present when the upsert option is enabled and the update query does not match any documents.