Insert one or more documents into a collection and return a list of the _id values for each inserted document.

To call the collection.insertMany() action from a Function, get a collection handle with database.collection() then call the handle's insertMany() method.

const doc1 = { "name": "basketball", "category": "sports", "quantity": 20, "reviews": [] };
const doc2 = { "name": "football", "category": "sports", "quantity": 30, "reviews": [] };
return itemsCollection.insertMany([doc1, doc2])
.then(result => {
console.log(`Successfully inserted ${result.insertedIds.length} items!`);
return result
.catch(err => console.error(`Failed to insert documents: ${err}`))

The collection.insertMany() action has the following form:


Insert Document

documents: Array<document>
An array of documents to insert into the collection.

The collection.insertMany() action returns a Promise that resolves to a document that describes the insert operation.

Promise<result: document>

Inserted IDs

result.insertedIds: Array<ObjectID>
An array that contains the _id values for all documents that the insert operation added to the collection in the order that they were passed to the action.
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