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Bulk insert/update/delete multiple documents in a single collection with one call. Within the bulkWrite() function, you can specify one or more of the following write operations:

  • insertOne
  • updateOne
  • updateMany
  • deleteOne
  • deleteMany
  • replaceOne

The bulkWrite() function operates on a single collection.

To call the collection.bulkWrite() action from a Function, get a collection handle with database.collection() then call the handle's bulkWrite() function.

exports = async function(arg){
const doc1 = { "name": "velvet elvis", "quantity": 20, "reviews": [] };
const doc2 = { "name": "mock turtleneck", "quantity": 30, "reviews": [] };
var collection ="mongodb-atlas")
return await collection.bulkWrite(
[{ insertOne: doc1}, { insertOne: doc2}],

The collection.bulkWrite() action has the following form:

bulkWrite(operations, options)

An array of bulkWrite operations to perform. Examples of supported operations include the following:

{ insertOne: { document: { a: 1 } } }
{ updateOne: { filter: {a:2}, update: {$set: {a:2}}, upsert:true } }
{ updateMany: { filter: {a:2}, update: {$set: {a:2}}, upsert:true } }
{ deleteOne: { filter: {c:1} } }
{ deleteMany: { filter: {c:1} } }
{ replaceOne: { filter: {c:3}, replacement: {c:4}, upsert:true}}

Optional. An object that specifies the optional settings. Valid options are:

boolean (default = true)
Execute write operation in ordered or unordered fashion. By default, Atlas executes bulk write operations one at a time in the specified order (i.e. serially). During an ordered bulk write, if an error occurs during the processing of an operation, Atlas returns without processing the remaining operations in the list. In contrast, when ordered is false, MongoDB continues to process remaining write operations in the list. Unordered operations are theoretically faster since MongoDB can execute them in parallel, but should only be used if the writes do not depend on order.
boolean (default = false)
Allow the driver to bypass schema validation
client session
optional session to use for this operation

The collection.bulkWrite() function returns a Promise that resolves to null.

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