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You can get up and running with a Realm app using one of our premade template apps. Template Realm apps bring together many of the building blocks available in MongoDB Realm and start you off with a prebuilt Realm app that you can customize. You can create a template app in the Realm UI, with Realm CLI, or the Admin API.

Manage Database Views
Event-driven Database Trigger template to update a view in a separate collection.
React.JS + Realm Web Boilerplate
Hosted Todo web app using the Realm Web SDK.
GraphQL + React App Boilerplate
Hosted Todo web app using the GraphQL API
Kotlin + Realm Sync Starter
Android app using the Realm Kotlin SDK to sync data to Realm's server.
Swift + Realm Sync Starter
iOS app using the Realm Swift SDK to sync data to Realm's server.
React Native + Realm Sync Starter
Cross-platform mobile app using the Realm JS SDK to sync data to Realm's server.
Xamarin + Realm Sync Starter
Cross-platform mobile app using the Realm C# SDK to sync data to Realm's server.

When you create a template app, you get certain functionality included, the specifics differ depending on the specific app you choose. a list of what is included can be seen in the Welcome to Your Application section that shows up when you navigate to your template app in the Realm UI. You can:

  1. Learn more about what your chosen template app includes.
  2. Follow on screen guides for customizing your app.
  3. Use the realm-cli to download the code for your app so you can build the frontend (if one is included) and interact with the Realm app through the cli.

    If you already have realm-cli set up, you can use the realm-cli pull command to download the code. Otherwise, click the CLI button in the welcome section and follow the instructions that pop up.

    realm-cli pull --remote <App ID> --template <Template App ID>

    All the template apps except "Manage Database Views" come with a frontend that uses the appropriate Realm Database SDK. The prebuilt app is a todo app similar to the task tracker app introduced in the tutorial.

Welcome section for template apps
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