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Import an Existing Realm Application

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You can import and deploy an existing Realm app. You might want to import an application when:

  • You use feature branches for development. Use a unique copy of the Realm app for each feature branch to avoid conflicts.
  • You use a fresh copy of the Realm app when running tests to ensure start state.
  • You deploy the same app to clusters across regions using a local deployment model.
  • You prefer to develop locally when making Realm app configuration changes.

In MongoDB Realm, you can import an existing Realm app by importing the application's configuration files. The process to import a Realm app also deploys it, even if you have deployment drafts enabled.

When importing an application:

  • If you want to import an application's configuration files into a different app, you must remove the app_id from the realm_config.json at the root of the application directory.
  • You must import the complete application structure. You can't do a partial import of only one file or a single field if you're only making a small change.

You can import and deploy your application's configuration files in two ways:

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