Function Logs


Function logs are created whenever a user calls a Realm Function using a Realm SDK. While you can execute Functions with a Trigger, only functions directly called from an SDK generate logs of the function type.

Log Format

Function log entries have the following form:

   <log line>,
   <log line>,

   "arguments": [
   "name": <function name>,
   "service": ""

Function Call Location: <location>

Compute Used: <number> bytes•ms

Remote IP Address: <ip address>

SDK: <sdk>

Platform Version: <version>


Field Description
Remote IP Address The IP Address that sent the request to MongoDB Realm. (e.g.
Compute Used The computational load of the operation.
Platform Version The version of the platform that sent the request.

The SDK used to send the request. Potential values include any SDK. For a browser, this is <browser> <SDK version>.


This request came from the Realm Web SDK version 4.0.0 running on Mozilla Firefox:

SDK: firefox v4.0.0

This request came from the Realm Android SDK version 4.6.0 running on Android Marshmallow:

SDK: android v4.6.0
Function Call Location The data center in which the function was executed.
Logs A list of console.log outputs. MongoDB Realm saves the first 256 bytes of the first 10 console.log() calls.

Error Fields

Log entries created by unsuccessful operations may feature additional fields for debugging purposes. These include the following:

Field Description
Error A brief description of an error.
Stack Trace A printout of an exception stack trace.
Details Extra information about an execution, including action, reason, service name, and service type.