Upload Content to Realm

You can upload content to MongoDB Realm from the Hosting screen of the Realm UI or by importing an application directory that includes the files. Select the tab below that corresponds to the method you want to use.


To open the hosting configuration page, click Hosting in the left navigation menu of the Realm UI.


You can upload files to MongoDB Realm individually or select multiple files or file directories to upload simultaneously. All files that you upload must be available on your local filesystem.

There are two ways to upload files through the Realm UI. You can use either of the following methods:

  • Drag and drop files from your local filesystem on to the Hosting screen.
  • Click Upload Files and select the files you wish to upload from a file picker.

Once you have dropped in or selected your files, Realm will begin uploading them immediately. The rate of upload time will vary depending on network connection speed and the number and size of the files selected.

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