Introduction to MongoDB Realm for Backend Developers

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As a backend developer, you can use MongoDB Realm to rapidly develop cloud-based applications that can react to changes in your MongoDB Atlas data, connect that data to other systems and services, and scale to meet demand without the need for managing your own database and server infrastructure.


If you prefer working on mobile or web applications, check out the Introduction for Mobile Developers or the Introduction for Web Developers.

It takes time, resources, and expertise to build, administer, and maintain backend infrastructure. User authentication and access control are common but complex systems that you do not need to write from scratch. MongoDB Realm manages all parts of the backend infrastructure and user management for you, enabling you to focus on what makes your app special so you can get it to your users faster.

MongoDB Realm is:

  • Deploy server-side applications without having to set up and manage server infrastructure -- including provisioning, deployment, operating systems, web servers, logging, backups, and redundancy.
  • Run cloud-based Realm Functions that can crunch data or interact with third-party services, such as Slack, Twilio, or Twitter. You can integrate virtually any Node.js module in your functions with dependency resolution.
  • Skip writing an additional API on top of your MongoDB Realm service -- authenticated clients may directly interact with the parts of the database they have permission to access.
Dynamic and responsive:
  • React to data changes in MongoDB Atlas, process data from incoming webhooks, or run Realm Functions on a schedule with Realm Triggers.
  • Get up and running quickly for free, then scale according to the demands of your application.
  • Pay for and receive only the exact amount of compute you need at any given time with MongoDB Realm's usage-based pricing model. Usage under a certain amount per month is always free.
Simply secure:

You can make entirely cloud-based applications with MongoDB Realm or tie your Realm app into mobile or web clients and seamlessly sync data across devices with Realm Sync.

To get started, follow along with our GitHub Issue Tracker tutorial or jump right in and create a MongoDB Realm application.

  • MongoDB Realm allows you to deploy serverless, cloud-based applications without having to manage your own backend infrastructure.
  • Typical use cases for backend developers using MongoDB Realm include crunching data, reacting to data changes in MongoDB Atlas, and interacting with third-party services.
  • MongoDB Realm's built-in authentication system allows you to add users to your app and define permissions that control who can read and write data.
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On this page

  • What Problem Does MongoDB Realm Solve?
  • Get Started with MongoDB Realm
  • Summary