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  • Overview
  • Fully Supported Modules
  • Partially Supported Modules
  • dgram
  • dns
  • fs
  • http and https
  • process
  • util
  • crypto
  • Unsupported Modules

You can import and use many standard Node modules in your MongoDB Realm functions.


The supported modules and partially supported modules are compatible with Node API version 10.18.1. Avoid using APIs in these modules introduced after or deprecated since Node 10.18.1.

MongoDB Realm fully supports the following built-in modules:

  • assert
  • buffer
  • events
  • net
  • os
  • path
  • punycode


    The built-in punycode module is deprecated. However, Realm provides the userland punycode module automatically. You can import the module with:

    const punycode = require("punycode");
  • querystring
  • stream
  • string_decoder
  • timers
  • tls
  • tty
  • url
  • zlib

MongoDB Realm supports a subset of the functionality of the following modules.

Realm supports the following dgram APIs:

Realm does not support the following dgram APIs:

Realm supports the dns module with the following exceptions:

Realm supports the following fs APIs:

Realm supports all of the http and https APIs except for the Server class functionality.

Realm supports the following process APIs:

Realm supports the util module with the following exceptions:

Realm supports the crypto module with the following exceptions:

Realm functions do not support the following built-in modules:

  • child_process
  • cluster
  • domain
  • readline
  • v8
  • vm
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