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Many modern applications use multiple external services to handle complex use cases, such as messaging, analytics, and data management. Those services often send data back by calling an HTTPS endpoint. You can create HTTPS endpoints in MongoDB Realm for these external services to send data to your app.

Realm app HTTPS endpoints are found at the following URL:<your App ID>/<endpoint route>

You should plan to convert your existing MongoDB Realm webhooks to HTTPS endpoints. You do this through the UI, which provides a single-click, one-time migration:

  1. Click HTTPS Endpoints in the left navigation.
  2. Click the Convert button.
Convert all Endpoints in UI

Once your webhooks have been converted to HTTPS endpoints, you cannot convert them back to webhooks. However, conversion does not destroy your original webhooks. This means that even after you have already converted your webhooks into endpoints, you can still execute the webhooks. If you choose to edit your webhooks after running the conversion, you can run the conversion again with the "Convert & Override" option to propogate those changes to your new endpoints.

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