Auxiliary Files

MongoDB Realm stores data on the filesystem in auxiliary files. You can access these files through the Realm SDK. In some error situations detailed below, you might need to manually delete the auxiliary files. Otherwise, these are implementation details that you can safely ignore, presented here only for the curious.

MongoDB Realm's internal operation depends on several auxiliary file types:

The realm file contains the data and metadata of the realm at the given Realm path. Each app can have several realms at different paths, each with their own realm file.
The lock file enables synchronization between writes.
The note file is a named pipe for inter-thread and inter-process notifications. While usually completely internal, the note file can cause the "unsupported resource found" error in iOS builds if you accidentally add it to the app bundle. If you see this error, delete the pipe.
The management directory contains internal files for the realm's state management.

In some circumstances, you might need to delete the auxiliary files. You may delete auxiliary files when the realm is closed. Deleting any of a realm's files while the realm is open might corrupt the realm or disrupt Sync.

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