MongoDB Realm

    MongoDB Realm enables real-time data sync between the Realm SDKs and MongoDB Atlas. Realm also includes a suite of tools for building cross-platform applications like user authentication providers, serverless functions & triggers, and dynamic data access rules.

    Ready to set up a serverless backend Realm app? Create a MongoDB Realm App in the Realm UI.

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    Use Realm CLI

    If you prefer to work in a local programming environment you can also Create an App with Realm CLI.

    Build a complete Task Tracker app in our Task Tracker Tutorial. The tutorial includes a MongoDB Realm application as well as a client app for every SDK.

    Each feature of MongoDB Realm has its own section in this documentation.

    MongoDB Realm has a free tier. All usage below the free tier thresholds in a given month is not billed, so you can get started with MongoDB Realm at no cost. To see how billing works in MongoDB Realm, see Billing.

    The reference section contains all additional information:

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