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MongoDB Realm is a serverless platform and mobile database. MongoDB Stitch and Realm Database are now part of MongoDB Realm. To see what Realm can do for you, please read the introduction for your use case:

Get Started

Build a complete Task Tracker app with multiple clients in our Create a Task Tracker App tutorial.

Ready to set up a serverless backend Realm app? Jump into Create a MongoDB Realm App to get started.

Cloud Features

Each feature of MongoDB Realm has its own section in this documentation. Features include:


To integrate MongoDB Realm into your front-end clients, visit the documentation for your platform, framework, and language of choice:

Billing & Reference

MongoDB Realm has a free tier. All usage below the free tier thresholds in a given month is not billed, so you can get started with MongoDB Realm at no cost. To see how billing works in MongoDB Realm, see Billing.

The reference section contains all additional detailed information:

Stitch Documentation (Legacy)

You can find the deprecated MongoDB Stitch documentation at

Realm Database Version 6 Documentation

MongoDB Realm uses Realm Database version 10 and above. The documentation for earlier versions of Realm Database can be found on the documentation site.