MongoDB for VS Code Settings

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MongoDB for VS Code is currently available as a Preview in the Visual Studio Marketplace. The product, its features, and the corresponding documentation may change during the Preview stage.

This document lists the configurable settings for MongoDB for VS Code.

To configure MongoDB for VS Code settings:

Operating SystemMethodActions
AnyVisual Studio Code MenuFile / Code > Preferences > Settings
MacOSKeyboard ShortcutPress Command + ,
Windows and LinuxKeyboard ShortcutPress Ctrl + ,

MongoDB for VS Code extension settings are displayed. Changes you make are saved automatically.

The following table lists the available settings for MongoDB for VS Code:


MongoDB shell to use. Choose either:

  • mongo (the legacy MongoDB shell), or
  • mongosh (the new MongoDB shell)
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To launch your selected MongoDB shell, you must:

  • Install the shell you want to use, and
  • Configure your machine's PATH environment variable to include the filepath to your shell binary.

If you install a new version of your MongoDB shell, you will need to update your PATH variable to reference the new version.

Bulb IconTip
See also:
ShowIf enabled, shows the MongoDB view in the Visual Studio Code left navigation panel.Enabled
Max Number of ProblemsThe maximum number of problems MongoDB for VS Code will generate in the Visual Studio Code Problems view.100
Trace: Server

MongoDB language server logging settings.

Edit this setting through the mongodbLanguageServer.trace.server property in your project's settings.json file.

Within the mongodbLanguageServer.trace.server object, you can specify:

  • format, and
  • verbosity

Output logs are viewable by selecting MongoDB Language Server from the dropdown in the Output view, or with the Language Server Protocol Inspector.

"format": "json",
"verbosity": "verbose"
Confirm Run AllIf enabled, shows a confirmation message before running commands in a playground.Enabled
Default Connection Saving Location

Sets if and where new connections are saved.

You can select:

GlobalSave your connection globally in VS Code, so it can be accessed from any workspace.
WorkspaceSave your connection in your workspace. You cannot access the connection from a different workspace.
SessionSave the connection for only this VS Code session. The connection is lost when you close VS Code.
Hide Option To Choose Where To Save New Connections

If disabled, you are prompted to choose where to save each new connection.

If enabled, new connections are automatically saved to the Default Connection Saving Location without prompt.

Default LimitNumber of documents to fetch when viewing documents from a collection. Does not affect playground operations.10
Send TelemetryIf enabled, allows the collection of anonymous diagnostic and usage telemetry data to help improve MongoDB for VS Code.Enabled
Use Default Template For Playground

If enabled, playground files load with a template containing sample commands.

If disabled, playground files load with an empty playground editor.

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