MongoDB for VS Code

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MongoDB for VS Code is currently available as a Preview in the Visual Studio Marketplace. The product, its features, and the corresponding documentation may change during the Preview stage.

MongoDB provides an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code which lets you work with MongoDB and your data directly within your coding environment.

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You can use MongoDB for Visual Studio Code to:

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Install MongoDB for VS Code

Install MongoDB for VS Code from the VS Code Marketplace.

Connect to Your MongoDB Deployment

Connect to your deployment using MongoDB for VS Code.

Navigate Your Data

Explore your databases, collections, and documents.

Explore Your Data with Playgrounds

Use JavaScript environments to interact your data. Prototype queries, run aggregations, and more.

Create an Atlas Cluster from a Template using Terraform

Create a Shared Tier Atlas cluster using a Terraform template included with MongoDB for VS Code.

MongoDB for VS Code Commands

View all available MongoDB for VS Code commands that you can run from the VS Code Command Palette.

MongoDB for VS Code Settings

View and configure MongoDB for VS Code settings to customize your experience.