mongosh Changelog

    Released November 30, 2020

    New features in this release:

    Bug fixes and miscellaneous updates in this release:

    • Remove support for deprecated 3.6 CRUD methods (insert(), remove(), save(), and update()).
    • Fix an issue with loading JavaScript files into mongosh.
    • Fix an issue where when inserting many documents via a for loop, the loop would abort before all documents were inserted.
    • Fix issue with output when printing result of a cursor.
    • Update the Node REPL to use Node version 14.

    Released November 11, 2020

    • Autocomplete now works properly when connected to a MongoDB 4.4.1 deployment.
    • The sh.status method now outputs correctly in the browser shell.

    Released October 12, 2020

    • Adds support for replica set management methods.
    • Adds support for sharded cluster management methods.

    Released October 1, 2020

    • Adds support for collection names with a dot. For example, to query a collection named my.collection, you can run:

    Released September 15, 2020

    Released September 14, 2020

    This release adds support for:

    • New cursor methods
    • Query planCache methods
    • Error helper methods
    • The following helper commands:

      • show users
      • show profile
      • show logs
      • show log[<name>]

    This release includes an .rpm artifact which can be downloaded from the MongoDB Download Center.

    Whenever a command's output includes { ok: 0 }, mongosh throws an exception and does not return the raw output from the server.

    The legacy mongo shell error handling is not consistent between commands. mongosh standardizes the user-facing behavior for a more consistent experience.

    • MONGOSH-323: getUser() userId field is outputted as binary.
    • MONGOSH-337: Linux tarball is not gzipped.
    • MONGOSH-341: Wrong values with NumberLong for numbers > Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER. As a result of this fix, values passed to NumberLong and NumberDecimal must be strings.

      Important With Circle IconCreated with Sketch.Important

      The fix for MONGOSH-341 is a breaking change when compared to behavior in the legacy mongo shell.

    • MONGOSH-346: Ctrl+C does not terminate the currently running command in the shell.

      Info With Circle IconCreated with Sketch.Note

      Ctrl+C terminates the process in the shell, but does not terminate the process on the MongoDB server.

    Released August 31, 2020

    This release adds support for the following APIs:

    • Credentials are now properly redacted in logging and history.

    For information on past releases, refer to mongosh Releases on GitHub.

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