mongocli cloud-manager agents upgrade

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The agents upgrade command upgrades the MongoDB Agents and BI Connector in the specified project to their latest version.


mongocli cloud-manager|cm agents upgrade
     [ --profile|-P <profile-name> ]
     [ --projectId <id-of-project> ]


Option Type Description Required?
--profile, -P string Name of the profile where the public and private keys for the project are saved. If omitted, uses the default profile. To learn more about creating a profile, see Configure the MongoDB CLI. no
--projectId string Unique identifier of the project that contains the agents you want to update. If omitted, uses the project ID in the profile or environment variable. no


The command prints the following fields in JSON format to the terminal if the command succeeds. If the command returns errors, see Troubleshooting for recommended solutions.

Name Type Description
automationAgentVersion string Latest version of the MongoDB Agent.
biConnectorVersion string Latest version of the BI Connector.


The following example uses the mongocli cm agents upgrade command to upgrade the MongoDB Agents and the BI Connector to their latest version in the specified project. It uses the profile named myprofile for accessing Cloud Manager.

mongocli cm agents upgrade --projectId 5eac961b0838261259e0302d \
--profile myprofile

The previous command prints the following fields in JSON format to the terminal. To learn more about these fields, see Output.

        "automationAgentVersion": "",
        "biConnectorVersion": "2.13.4"