mongocli atlas metrics disks list

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The metrics disks list command lists the available partitions on a specified Atlas host.

You can get the hostnames associated with a particular Atlas project with the process list command.


mongocli atlas metrics disks list|ls <hostname>:<port>
     [ --output|-o <output-format> ]
     [ --profile|-P <profile-name> ]
     [ --projectId <project-ID> ]


Use -h or --help to view the command-line help for this command.


Option Type Description Required?
<hostname>:<port> String The hostname of the server running the Atlas MongoDB process and the port on which the process listens. yes
--output, -o string

Command output format. Valid values are:

  • json for output in JSON format
  • go-template for custom output using the Go template
  • go-template-file for custom output specified using Go template file

If omitted, the command returns output in the default format.

--profile, -P string Name of the profile where the project ID and the Programmatic API Keys for the project are saved. If omitted, uses the default profile. To learn more about creating a profile, see Configure the MongoDB CLI. no
--projectId string Unique identifier of the project for which to retrieve events. If omitted, uses the project ID listed in the profile. no


The command prints the following fields in the specified format to the terminal if the command succeeds. If the command prints an error, see Troubleshooting for recommended solutions.

The HTTP response returns a JSON document that includes the following objects:

Name Type Description
links array An array of documents, representing a link to one or more sub-resources and/or related resources such as list pagination. See Linking for more information.
partitionName string Name of the disk or partition with available metrics.
totalCount number The number of results returned.


The following example uses the mongocli atlas metrics disks list command to retrieve available partitions on a host with ID, listening on port 27017. The command uses the default profile, where the project ID and the Programmatic API Keys are stored.

mongocli atlas metrics disks list \ --output json

The previous command produces the following output:

     "links": [
                     "rel": "self",
                     "href": "\u0026itemsPerPage=100"
     "results": [
                     "links": [
                                     "rel": "self",
                                     "href": ""
                     "partitionName": "data"
     "totalCount": 1