Customize the MongoDB CLI Output Using a Go Template

You can customize the MongoDB CLI output fields and format using a Go template. The template can be specified with the command for a simple output or through a separate file for a complex output. For information on the template, see Package template. For information on the types and properties available for each response, see:

You can specify a template with the command using the --output or -o option:

--output|-o go-template="{{<template>}}"

You can specify a template using a file using the --output or -o option:

--output|-o go-template-file="<path-to-template-file>"

For example, the following command uses the template to retrieve a count of the number of projects in the specified organization using the default profile:

mongocli iam projects ls --orgId 5ab5cedf5g5h5i5j5kl12mn4 -o go-template="Count: {{.TotalCount}}"

The preceding command returns the following output:

Count: 2
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