Release Notes for MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli)

MongoDB CLI 1.3.0

Released 2020-07-30

New Features

  • Adds support for Atlas Search.
  • Adds support for X.509 configurations in Atlas.
  • Adds support for X.509 database users in Atlas.
  • Adds support for AWS IAM database users in Atlas.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improves advanced cluster configurations in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.
  • When creating a project in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager, returns MongoDB Agent API keys.

MongoDB CLI 1.2.0

Released 2020-07-16

New Features

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixes a bug where mongocli config rename did not find the profile to rename.
  • Improves updating and listing clusters in Cloud Manager or Ops Manager.

MongoDB CLI 1.1.0

Released 2020-07-09

New Commands

  • mongocli config list
  • mongocli config describe
  • mongocli config rename

Command Improvements

With this release, you can:

MongoDB CLI 1.0.0

Released 2020-06-08

Generally Available Release

This is the Generally Available (GA) release of MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli). This version introduces the ability to manage Atlas, Ops Manager and Cloud Manager features, including:

  • Projects
  • Clusters
  • Backup
  • Alerts
  • Metrics and monitoring

For a complete list of available commands, see Reference.

To install this version, see Install the MongoDB CLI.

MongoDB CLI 0.0.3

Released 2020-02-27

Initial Alpha Release

  • Atlas commands
    • Can deploy projects, clusters, database users, and whitelists through the command line.
  • Cloud Manager and Ops Manager commands
    • Can deploy projects and clusters through the command line.