MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli)

    The MongoDB Command Line Interface (mongocli) allows you to create and manage MongoDB Cloud deployments with MongoDB Atlas. You can also use the MongoDB CLI to manage your on-premises MongoDB environments with MongoDB Cloud Manager and MongoDB Ops Manager. With the MongoDB CLI, you can quickly interact with MongoDB services from the command line for easier testing and scripting.

    Install the MongoDB CLI
    Install the MongoDB CLI by using GitHub or downloading a binary.
    Configure the MongoDB CLI
    Configure MongoDB CLI settings through the command line, configuration file, or environment variables.
    Quick Start
    Get started with the MongoDB CLI and create a deployment and database users.
    Review the MongoDB CLI commands and options.
    Review advice for common issues.
    Release Notes
    Review the changelogs and notes for MongoDB CLI releases.
    Third-Party Licenses
    Review third-party licenses.
    Give Feedback