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User Management Methods


For details on specific methods, including syntax and examples, click on the specific method to go to its reference page.

Name Description
db.auth() Authenticates a user to a database.
db.changeUserPassword() Changes an existing user’s password.
db.createUser() Creates a new user.
db.dropUser() Removes a single user.
db.dropAllUsers() Deletes all users associated with a database.
db.getUser() Returns information about the specified user.
db.getUsers() Returns information about all users associated with a database.
db.grantRolesToUser() Grants a role and its privileges to a user.
db.removeUser() Deprecated. Removes a user from a database.
db.revokeRolesFromUser() Removes a role from a user.
db.updateUser() Updates user data.
passwordPrompt() Prompts for the password as an alternative to specifying passwords directly in various mongo shell user authentication/management methods.
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