This is an upcoming (i.e. in progress) version of the manual.

Install MongoDB Community Edition

These documents provide instructions to install MongoDB Community Edition.

Installing Release Candidates

The installation tutorials in this section refer to the upcoming MongoDB 4.2 GA version and not the release candidate available for testing; i.e. the procedures in this section will not work for release candidates.


While the 4.2 release candidates are available, these versions of MongoDB are for testing purposes only and not for production use.

Instead, you can test the new upcoming 4.2 features in Atlas without the hassle of installing locally. Use Promocode: MONGODB4DOT2 for 200 USD credit.

Alternatively, to install the release candidate for testing, go instead to the MongoDB Download Center and manually download.

Select Version. 4.2.0-rc1
Select OS. Select your operating system.
Select Package. You can choosed to install just the server (i.e. mongod), the mongos, the tools (such as mongodump, etc), the mongo shell or a tgz of all the binaries.
Install on Linux
Install MongoDB Community Edition and required dependencies on Linux.
Install on macOS
Install MongoDB Community Edition on macOS systems from MongoDB archives.
Install on Windows
Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows systems and optionally start MongoDB as a Windows service.