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Deprecated since version 5.0.

Attempting to use the logout command will write an error message to the log once per logout attempt.

This command will be removed in a future release.

The logout command terminates the current authenticated session:

{ logout: 1 }

If you're not logged in and using authentication, logout has no effect.

Because MongoDB allows users defined in one database to have privileges on another database, you must call logout while using the same database context that you authenticated to.

If you authenticated to a database such as users or $external, you must issue logout against this database in order to successfully log out.


Use the use <database-name> helper in mongosh, or the following db.getSiblingDB() method in an interactive mongosh session or in mongosh shell scripts to change the db object:

db = db.getSiblingDB('<database-name>')

When you have set the database context and db object, you can use the logout to log out of database as in the following operation:

db.runCommand( { logout: 1 } )
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