Ops Manager Object Specification

Alpha Release of Ops Manager Resource

Don’t use the Ops Manager resource in production environments.

The MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator creates a containerized Ops Manager deployment from specification files that you write.

After you create or update an Ops Manager resource specification, you direct MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator to apply this specification to your Kubernetes environment. Kubernetes Operator creates the services and custom Kubernetes resources that Ops Manager requires, then deploys Ops Manager and its backing application database in containers in your Kubernetes environment.

Each Ops Manager resource uses an object specification in YAML to define the characteristics and settings of the deployment.


The following example shows a resource specification for an Ops Manager deployment:

kind: MongoDBOpsManager
 name: om
 version: 4.2.0
 adminCredentials: ops-manager-admin
   mms.fromEmailAddr: "" "false"   

   members: 3
   version: 4.0.7
   persistent: true
     cpu: '0.25'

Required Ops Manager Resource Settings

This section describes settings that you must use for all Ops Manager resources.


Type: string

Required. Version of the MongoDB Kubernetes resource schema.


Type: string

Required. Kind of MongoDB Kubernetes resource to create. Set this to MongoDBOpsManager.

Type: string

Required. Name of the MongoDB Kubernetes resource you are creating.


Type: number

Required. Version of Ops Manager that you want to install on this MongoDB Kubernetes resource.


Type: string

Required. Name of the Kubernetes secret you created for the Ops Manager admin user. When you deploy the Ops Manager resource, Kubernetes Operator creates a user with these credentials.

The admin user is granted the Global Owner role.


Type: collection

Required. Ops Manager Application Database resource definition.

The following settings from the replica set resource specification are required:

The following settings from the replica set resource specification are optional:

Do not use the following settings from the replica set resource specification:

Optional Ops Manager Resource Settings

Ops Manager resources can use the following settings:


Type: string

Kubernetes assigns each pod a FQDN. The Kubernetes Operator calculates the FQDN for each pod using a provided clusterName. Kubernetes does not provide an API to query these hostnames.


Type: collection

Ops Manager configuration properties. See Ops Manager Configuration Settings for property names and descriptions.