MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

The MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator enables Kubernetes to manage typical lifecycle events for MongoDB that have strict policies on data persistence and management. The Operator handles the creation of MongoDB enterprise pods, coordinates configuration of MongoDB deployments with Ops Manager, and orchestrates MongoDB configuration changes – accomplished through the Kubernetes API, declarative configuration in YAML, or other tooling.

The MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator works together with MongoDB Ops Manager, which applies final configurations to MongoDB clusters. When MongoDB is deployed and running in Kubernetes, there are a number of tasks that may not relate to Kubernetes operations. You can manage these tasks – monitoring, fine tuning database performance, database backups, index management, etc. – in Ops Manager.

The Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinitions allow administrators to configure resource types and access permissions in Kubernetes. Developers deploy the MongoDB database in the same way as they deploy the rest of the application services. DBAs can work within the familiar Ops Manager interface to help run MongoDB at optimal performance.