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Install MongoDB Kafka Connector

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  • Overview
  • Install the Connector for Confluent Kafka
  • Install using the Confluent Hub Client
  • Install Manually
  • Install the Connector for Apache Kafka
  • Installation Reference Table

The MongoDB Kafka Connector build is available for both Confluent Kafka and Apache Kafka deployments.

Use the Confluent Kafka installation instructions for a Confluent Kafka deployment or the Apache Kafka installation instructions for an Apache Kafka deployment.

  1. Install the Confluent Hub Client if necessary.
  2. Install the MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka component using the Confluent Hub Client.
  1. Follow the directions on the Confluent page for Manually Installing Community Connectors.
  2. Use the GitHub URL and uber JAR locations in the installation reference table when prompted in the Confluent manual installation instructions.
  1. Locate and download the uber JAR which is suffixed with all to obtain all the dependencies required for the connector. Refer to the installation reference table for the uber JAR location.
  2. Copy the uber JAR into the Kafka plugins directory: /usr/local/share/kafka/plugins/

If you are running distributed worker processes, you must repeat this process for each server or VM.

Connector GitHub repository
Uber JAR (Maven Central)
Uber JAR (Sonatype OSS)
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